Baiastice’s Nico!

I’m wearing Nico the beautiful new face from BAIASTICE!

The Nico collection comes in 6 skintones: Milk, Pale, Peach, Porcelain, Sunkiss and Tan. Each skintone features 10 makeups with 4 eyebrow shades: Black, Blonde, Brown and Red. Nico has plump kissable lips, a pert little nose, rosy cheeks and a delicate eyebrow. Getting all 4 eyebrow colors provides so much variety, there’s a face here to please just about everyone. The makeups are a sweet assortment of eyeshadow and pink to red lipsticks. I especially like the eyeshadow on makeup 8 and the lipstick on 9. 

Nico is illustrated really well.  She has a creamy rich skintone with slight blemishing that gives her a unique and realistic look.  The body has supberb shading especially at the belly and buttocks.  This lovely skin is sold in skintone packs costing 1990L ($8.00) and contains 8 skins: 4 eyebrow shades and 4 hairbases to match… plus all these extras:  optional enhanced cleavage as a tattoo or undershirt layer, an alpha layer to cover up default lashes, pubic hair in different tones from light to dark on 2 layers, 3 different eyebrow shapers, tattoo face freckles and tattoo teeth.  That’s a lot of bang for your buck!  Congrats Sissy Pessoa on the Nico collection, she’s absolutely stunning!

Calico Ingmann Hair Angel in Dark Expresso
NEW Agnes Finney Blythe Spirit Twinkle Eyes
INSOLENCE Deborah Blue Embroidered Bra & Panty

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