NEW Truth Hair!

TRUTH has several new releases in the shop.  I’ve included two hairstyles from last week. First up is Gianna which is a long luscious hairstyle, the hair drapes over both shoulders and cascades down the back. 

Gianna2 is similar to the previous cut, except it’s shoulder length.

Tammy is a single ponytail with color change hairbands. I like how the ponytail sits high on the head.

Alexis is a cute double ponytail style with color change hairbands. This hair would look great on a child avatar.

NEW BAIASTICE Nico Sunkiss Makeup 6 w/Blonde & Red Brows & Tattoo Cleavage
NEW Agnes Finney Kanas Babydoll Top in Champagne & Captured Soul Twinkle Eyes
Dryad Designs Oatmeal Necklace & Earring Set


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