Curio’s Sprout!

I’m wearing the delicious new skin release from Curio called Sprout!

Sprout has the palest of blonde complexions with 6 just barely there makeups.  She has a well-drawn eyebrow with pretty heart-shaped lips and a pert little nose.  All the makeups have springtime names like peapod and dewdrop.  Sprout has the innocent sweet looks of a child avatar.

Sprout has the typical sexy Curio body with realistic illustration that’s one of the best on the grid. Curio skins are sold in 3 different price packages. An individual makeup costs 1000L ($4.00) and consists of both light & dark tones, with freckled versions of each or 8 skins. An entire skintone or 48 skins costs 1500L ($6.00). The megapack contains every single makeup, 240 skins for 3000L ($12.00). Bravo Gala Phoenix for a job well done!

Truth Hair Martina w/Color Change Hairbands
NEW INSOLENCE Joan Satin Lingerie Set in Purple
Amacci Ice Blue Gaze Eyes

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