Kouse’s Sanctum @ Fashion For Life!

Kouse’s Sanctum has 4 extraordinary donation gowns that are perfect for role play or a formal sl event.  I’ve included a direct landmark to Kouse’s Sanctum at FFL.  The first FFL item I want to showcase is called Juniper.  This pretty gown comes in a rich violet silk fabric with long semi sheer puffed sleeves and chest ruffles.

Madison has a beautifully embroidered corset top with ruffles on the straps and bodice.  The folder includes 2 floor sweeping flexi skirts.

Selah has a strapless bodice accented with chest ruffles and a diamond brooch.   The dress has a figure flattering silhouette with mermaid chiffon skirts.

The final dress from Kouse’s Sanctum is called Tranquility. This pretty gown has a strapless bodice with fringed sleeves and lovely embroidery at the hem and chest.  All 4 of these gowns can be yours for a donation of 400L each, don’t miss them!

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