NEW Truth Hair!

I’m a huge fan of mesh hair designs and TRUTH HAWKS knows how to do them expertly! Mercedes is long straight hairstyle that drapes over the right shoulder and cascades down the back.  You need this stunning mesh hair!

Enisa is a ponytail style that’s wrapped in a braid.  The bangs are also braided.

Tisha is 2 cute ponytails folded inside the color change hairbands.

Marcia is a mesh hairstyle with longer length ponytails.  Once again, I love the way this hair moves with my avatar.

Georgina is a short flyaway cut that includes a matching hairbase.

I really like this short cut that’s swept off your forehead and held in place with a color change hairband.  Rhonda also includes a matching hairbase.

Amelia is a very attractive longer length mesh style that’s pulled up at the sides into a thick ponytail.  The hair drapes over the left shoulder and down the back.

Cassie is another longer length mesh hairdo that moves exquisitely with my avatar.  The hair drapes down the back and over both shoulders.

Finally, the last hairstyle is called Anastasia.  The folder contains 2 versions, with or without bangs.  I like the fly away feel of this hair.

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