NEW Truth Hair!

TRUTH has given a new gift to the subscribo group.  Click on the sign as you enter the store and join the group, you need this cute hairdo! Jessie is a rigged mesh design with a long ponytail draping over the right shoulder, the rest of the hair is pulled behind the left ear.  This hairstyle comes with a roots version and the standard wig.

Tashia is another stylish rigged mesh hairdo with the long thick hair pulled off the forehead and framing the face.  The rest of the hair cascades over both shoulders with a few wispy ends left in back.

Roma has a slightly windblown appearance with the curly ends arrayed over the right shoulder and down the back.  This hairstyle features a color change head scarf plus a wig with or without bangs, and a roots version.

Jodie is another rigged mesh hairstyle with the long straight tresses covering the right shoulder and flowing down the back.  I like the way this hair is tucked behind the left ear, Jodie is definitely my favorite new hairstyle this week 🙂

NEW Pink Fuel Alena Honey Classic @ Skin Addiction Showcase
Amacci Blue/Pink Gaze Eyes

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