NEW Truth Hair!

TRUTH has 4 NEW hairstyles in the shop, 3 of them are rigged mesh!  The first mesh style I want to showcase is called ADELAIDE. This extra long hairdo has bangs fringing the forehead with the long thick tresses pulled over the left shoulder and cascading down the back.

BELLA is another extra long hairstyle with a forelock framing the face.  The rest of the long hair cascades over both shoulders and down the back.  This mesh style is absolutely stunning!

LETICIA is a medium length mesh style with a forelock.  The hair is pulled up on both sides into a small ponytail in back, with the rest of the hair draping down the back.

CYNTHIA is the final hair I want to show today and it’s the only new release this week that’s not rigged mesh. This short wavy bob has a braided forelock with lots of flexi movement on the ends.

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