NEW Truth Hair!

TRUTH has several new hairstyles in the shop that, if you try on a demo, you’re going to want them!  First up is a stunning rigged mesh style called BRANDY.  This extra long hairdo features a braid woven through the bang and sides of the hair.  Brandy comes with the standard wig and a version with roots.

DAHLIA is another impressively styled rigged mesh hairdo that features long wavy tresses draping down the back and cascading over the left shoulder.  Like the previous hairstyle you get the standard wig plus one with roots.

ASHLEE is a short straight haircut with a forelock and a slightly windblown look.  This hairstyle features 3 wigs!  You get the standard wig, one with streaking in 63 colors and one with roots.  That’s alot of bang for your buck!

HAILEY is another very attractive rigged mesh haircut that comes with a black hairband. This style features long, thick hair draping down the back and over both shoulders.  The folder contains the standard wig and a version with roots.

KADENCE is a pretty side ponytail with the hair pulled off the forehead with a matching hairbase included. This hairdo features the standard wig and a version with roots.

BAIASTICE July GG Laura Mesh Top

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