NEW Truth Hair & Subscribo Gift!

TRUTH released two mesh hairstyles today that are absolutely stunning, plus there’s a hair gift in the subscribo board that you NEED!

GUINEVERE is an extra-long hairstyle that has an alluring swathe of hair provocatively framing your face.  The rest of the hair is pulled behind the left ear, swirling into a plump curl over the right shoulder and draping down the back.

STEVIE is a thick long hairstyle that falls attractively over both shoulders and down the back.

SAM is the GIFT that can be found in the subscrib-o-matic board.  This short cut is simply adorable!

LAQ Jennie2 in Peach Makeup 1
Hudson’s Glossy Peacock Dust Eyes
Friday White Tee
 Mon Tissu Take Flight Pendant

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