APPLE MAY DESIGN has hit it outta the ball park with the beautiful Exie maxi dress. This long mesh creation has a faded leopard print. styled with a sexy single shoulder strap and decorated with an optional flower swag. The stylish Veronica hair from Wasabi Pills has an attractive wave complimenting the thick tresses.  This sexy hair drapes over the right shoulder and showcases the pretty shoulder swag.

AMD Exie, Mandala Jewelry, IrEn's OLGA & Wasabi Pills Hair

OLGA is a luscious new skin from IrEn.that features 6 tones, I’m wearing tan.  I love how this skin complements my own shape.  I will share my shape willingly with anyone who sends me an IM requesting a copy!  The accessories from MANDALA Jewelry are beautifully crafted pieces.  The Origiri Necklaces are designed so they can be worn together or separately.  The one thing I’m missing from the Hokusai Cuff Watch is realistic hand sweep, nonetheless the detail on the face is quite realistic and it compliments the MANADALA prim nails nicely. Finally, the Black Denim Wedge Heels are from MonTissu and the mesmerizing Haunted Blue Eyes are from Candace Hudson.

AMD Exie, Mandala Jewelry, IrEn's OLGA & Wasabi Pills Hair2

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