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Cilian’gel Halloween Goodies!

Cilian’gel has lots of goodies out for Halloween.  The Got VooDoo gown can be picked up in the shop for 25L! This dress has beautiful detail on the lacings of the bodice.  The matching witchy hat is done really well too. If you’re looking for a gown for a halloween party this is it!  The Got Moon dress is […]

Cilian’gel Spirit Gypsy Hunt Prizes

Cilian’gel Boutique has an outfit for both the guys and gals in the Spirit Gypsy Hunt which runs from September 1st through the 31st. The hunt object that you’re searching for is a crystal ball.  This is a fun way to spend time with your significant other and the costumes are cute.   Good luck hunting!  League Taylor Suntan HotPink w/Hairbase & Cleavage Damselfly […]

PRISM, Cilian’gel & Hatpins Christmas Gifties, NEW Truth Hair, NEW Fri.Day Hair, NEW Belleza Skin

The Audrey Dress was sent out by PRIZM for Christmas. This is lovely green sequin cocktail dress, it includes a green or black cami that compliments the cute bubble skirt and a shrug on the jacket layer with a prim collar. There’s also prim sleeves and cuffs on the gloves. Thank you Journey McLaglen for this cute […]

NEW Cilian’gel Boutique – Group Gift #23

Group Gift #23 This very lovely gown is the group gift from Cilian’gel Boutique. There’s 14 pieces in the folder to mix and match. The pretty sandals and white purse are included. Be sure to wear your group tag, the outfit can be found at The Temple Valefar. 

Cilian’gel Group Gift, Zero Style, Stiletto Moody, Adam n Eve Skin

Got Spiders? Got Spiders? is the new group gift from Cilia Shepherd to the Cilian’gel group. This is a pretty dress, you must wear your tag!  Got Spiders? has an asymetrical flexi skirt and an lacy ruffle around the waist. The texture has lots of detail, expecially on the lacings of the corset. The matching witch […]

Holloween Treasure Hunt on Valefar

Fallen Leaves Cilian’gel and [hate this] have created 4 outfits for the Holloween Treasure Hunt on Valefar, which is the main location of Cilian’gel.  You’ll find the Minion Store of [hate this] deep in the cellar. I posted the two outfits designed by Cilia Shepherd, owner/designer of Boutique Cilian’gel here. This week I’m showing you the other […]

Holloween Treasure Hunt

Happy Holloween Hunt The “Happy Holloween Hunt” takes place at Valefar, the main location of Cilian’gel. You will find the minion store deep in the cellar. There are four, yes four original outfits designed exclusively for this hunt hidden inside pumpkins around the store. You get them for FREE! All you have to do is […]