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NEW DK Design

The Sass Dress is new at DK Designs and very sexy! It has lots of cut outs in the top showing plenty of cleavage and skin in back. This dress comes in 4 colors and costs $L200 each.

DK Designs Fifty5 Thursday!

DK Designs has 2 items out for Fifty5 Thursday. The Mary Jo Blue country shirt has a checked blue and white texture and includes a prim collar and cuffs. The other item out for $L55 is the Anne Marie Blue short shorts that come with either ripped or normal shorts in the folder in both […]

DK Designs Fifty5 Linden Thursday – Rebecca!

Rebecca is a sexy little black dress from Dexter Kaupas of DK Designs for Fifty5 Linden Thursday. The dress shows lots of skin with a plunging neckline  and a short flirty flexi skirt.  You’ll find this dress discounted to 55L today only, dont miss it! NEW LAQ Isabel Peach Glow Makeup 5 w/Cleavage & Dazzling Sapphire Blue Eyes […]