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Favole’s Perdition!

Perdition is a new creation from Themis Enzo of Favole that features a normal-looking bodice with tatters or two bloodletting bodices for a gory stabbed appearance.  Perdition also comes with matching lace-up ankle boots and a high collar, both trimmed in ruffles and embellished with tiny red hearts.  All the prim pieces come with or without scripts for resizing to get that perfect fit.  The […]

Favole’s Tales From The Dark Side!

Lucretia is a frightening ensemble created by Themis Enzo of Favole. The costume consists of beautifully crafted pieces, when worn together exhibit a stylish yet menacing appearance. The dress has a long overskirt open in front to reveal the corset embellished with chest ruffles and long flowing flexi sleeves. The Wrath Black Wings attach at […]