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NEW Gwen Carillon Designs!

Blush Lingerie is a provocative set of intimate underwear soon to be released at GCD that features a just barely there embroidered bra and pantie.  The folder contains two pair of fluffy angelic flexi wings and either pink or black stockings.  Did I mention it’s very sexy too? Siss Boom Secret Love Parisian Skin w/Blonde Brows from the April […]

NEW Cirque From GCD!

Gwen Carillon Designs has a sexy new showgirl costume in the shop that looks fabulous on and is reasonably priced at $L349! Cirque is a strapless bodysuit reminiscent of old-time burlesque that features a top hat embellished with flexi flowers.  The costume shows off lots of cleavage and dips low in back to uncover lots of skin and tushy.  This alluring […]

GCD Sweet Bridgitte!

Gwen Carillon has a new dress in the shop perfect for role play in a Western theme. Sweet Bridgitte features a floor sweeping flexi skirt adorned with a satin and chiffon wrapped bustle.  The skirts are worn over a sexy corset, panties and knee-length stockings.  There’s 18 pieces in the folder to mix and match including the ribbon bonnet […]

NEW Gwen Carillon Designs!

Revolution is a sexy new creation from GCD that combines shiny latex with three skirt options. The outfit consists of a tiny mini skirt worn with a figure flattering jumpsuit, embellished with peek-a-boo cutouts, revealing lots of smooth satiny skin. The frothy formal skirts hug your sexy curves, floating around your body like a diaphanous cloud.  All eyes in the room will be on you wearing […]

Gwen Carillon’s Aria!

The Aria is a new collection from GCD that features a silk brocade bustier with hand-painted textures, paired with a long tulle flexi or a shorter cocktail skirt. there’s even a micro mini skirt included.  What I find really attractive about this collection is that it can be stripped down to show off your sexy panties, garters and stockings.  The […]

NEW Gwen Carillon & Curio’s Angel Skin!

Nyx is an exotic new gown from GCD. In Greek Mythology, the Nyx was a night goddess of exceptional power and beauty. The Nyx gown drapes you with primordial starlight in an eerie, yet whimsical palate of mystical color. The dress has elaborate flexi skirts of taffeta and chiffon with a matching removable stole, a system […]

Curio’s The Visitor!

I’m wearing Curio’s newest face called The Visitor! The Visitor is jam-packed with lots of extra goodies. Gala Phoenix has included tattoo versions of the Pure1 skin to tint for that far-out look. There’s also a couple of eerily colored alien skins called Orb and Nebula which come in both embellished and plain (molted) versions. You […]

Ema’s Secret ABBH Gift!

Ema’s Secret is participating in the American Bazaar Birthday Hunt (ABBH) which runs throughout the month of September. The Olivia gown is a new release in the shop. The color black of this lovely dress is a special gift waiting for you somewhere in the store. There’s 147 shops with fabulous gifts for you to find. For hints […]