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ChiChickie at the Hair Fair!

ChiChickie has 5 NEW hairstyles at the Hair Fair and one includes a look for the guys too.  First up is Venus.  This is a crimped ponytail fastened with a braid.  There’s also a braid wrapped around the head. Damiana is another crimped medium length style. Chrissy is a short and sassy bob. Audrey is […]

Final Hair Fair Post

This post will wrap up all my hair fair favorites unless I spot something on the feeds I can’t live my sl without.  Let me start by saying I have alot of Analog Dog hair in my inventory and I like their hair designs.  But I definitely have issues with the Analog Dog booth at […]

More Hair Fair Favorites!

I don’t have much time lately to blog, let alone be in second life, since I’m working 12-16 hour days at my real life job. I did manage to squeeze in another trip to the Hair Fair yesterday. Here’s a look at a few of my favorite hairs. I’m a big fan of this curly […]

More Hair Fair – Amacci NEW Stuff & Goodie Bag!

I’m crazy about the all of the NEW hairstyles from Amacci at the Hair Fair.   I think Carina Larsen outdid herself this year, her designs are very stylish!  There’s also a Goodie Bag at the Amacci booth that contains some fabulous FREEBIES that I know you don’t want to miss.  Inside you’ll find a V2 Red Tatoo Hairbase, matching Auburn HairKnot, Liana  and […]

LoQ Hair at the Hair Fair!

This is a quick Hair Fair post spotlighting 2 styles from LoQ Hair. I saw these 2 wigs on the feeds and I had to have them. I managed to get into Hair Fair in the wee hours this morning. The lag was still tremendous and it took forever for things to rez.  I picked […]

2010 Hair Fair!

Exile – Meduse in Fall – There’s lots of poseballs and unneccessary clutter like fans, crates and ceiling lights in every single tent… why? 2010 Hair Fair The 2010 Hair Fair is open to the Blogger’s Group today for the next 15 hours or so… I was so excited, I gave up sleep so I […]

Hair Fair 2010 Group Information

A quick note about the upcoming Hair Fair. It’s only a week away, starting on September 4th. Since it’s expected to be laggy, organizers have set up a Hair Fair Demo group. Paste this into local chat and click the link to join the Demo Group: secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about The participating designers will send the demos of […]