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Hanaya Collectibles Birthday Presents!

Happy Birthday Moriko Inshen of Hanaya Yummy Collectibles and thank you for the lovely gifts! Mori sent out the very pretty Wreath and the Flower Circlet with matching Earrings today to celebrate her birthday! 

NEW Hanaya Yummy Collectible Gifts!

The Handpainted Vintage Screen With Calla Lily will make a nice divider in your home.  This gift can be found in the shop, be sure to wear your group tag.  The Garden Ornament (Sparrow & Apple) can be found in the history of the subscribo board at Hanaya.

Hanaya Yummy Collectibles!

The Mixed Flowers in Water Bath contains 3 blushing roses, 3 sunrise calla lilies, 1 species tulip, calla and rose foliage.  I haven’t gotten around to arranging these beautifully sculpted flowers into a vase yet.  Here they lay in a water bath for several days fragrant and fabulous!  What’s really charming about this piece is the moving water that […]

Hanaya Garden Trug!

If you’re into gardening or decorating the inside of your home with fresh flowers, then you’ll definitely like the newest piece from Hanaya. The Vintage Garden Trug with Flowers is loaded with yummy sculpted tulips, daisies and foliage. The Trug is copy/mod and includes an empty version, as well as an embellished version with a delicate butterfly […]

Hanaya Subscribo Gift!

I’m enthralled with the potted plant and flower designs from Hanaya.  The textures are realistic and they’re made so well.  The Ceramic Pot With Flowers is the Subscribo Gift and it’s absolutely beautiful.