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The Vintage Flair & Out Of This World Hunt Gifts!

Baby Love was made by Lemania Indigo for the Vintage Flair hunt which starts today. In this hunt you’re looking for a pink vintage perfume bottle. Check the Hunt Wall at the shop for tips, clues and general information.  This is a cute strapless cocktail dress in a shimmering gold texture that includes the matching […]

NEW Lestat Reuven

Lestat Reuven has 2 NEW outfits on sale for 100L. Modern Beach is a very cute pants set with so much detail on the trousers at the clasp and seams. The shirt has a sculpty attachment that blends so nicely and looks fabulous. It’s resizable too, so you get that perfect fit. The cute sandals are also include, […]

KessKreations & Moonshine Designs Etheria Collaboration

Etheria – When Jewelers Dream… I’m looking forward to checking out this event which starts this weekend on 6-13 and runs through 6-20. It’s an interesting concept where clothing designers are inspired to create an outfit to compliment a jewelry piece, instead of the other way around. There are some fabulous clothing and jewelry designers […]

I Feel Like Dancing, Lost My Marbles, Oopsie Daisy and Groovy Love Hunt Gifts

The I Feel Like Dancing Hunt starts on June 1st. For this hunt Lemania Indigo has come up with a very beautiful strapless gown in a rich lavender shade with silver flower accents.  The matching shoes are included.  In this gridwide hunt you will be searching for disco balls.  NEW LAQ Julie Peach Glow Skin […]

NEW Lestat Reuven, Truth Hair, Purple Rose Jewelry, KessKreations Locket, NEW Adam n Eve Sasha Skin, Belleza Skin

Lestat Reuven has released 2 lovely gowns today. As usual, both are on sale, 100L for 24 hours only. Oh Christmas Tree is a beautiful gown and so festive!  The dress has a christmas tree short skirt that’s so cute paired with the long red gown.  The outfit includes matching slippers.  The updo is from […]

NEW Lemania Indigo, Damselfly, KessKreations, Pink Fuel, Ayumi Cleavage Enhancer

Carolina Morn This pretty gown is a new design from Lemania Indigo with a pale floral texture and a skirt tilted on an angle as a bustle. The dress includes the matching pumps with bows. Carolina Morn is on sale, 100L for 24 hours.  The blonde hair is from Damselfly called Cheyain in Starfish Blend. […]