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NEW Toyalicious 99L Promo Shorts Set & Ingenue Dianthus Flats!

The Country Summer shorts set is new at Toyalicious and so adorable! The denim shorts come in all layers, with lots of interesting detail at the seams and include prim cuffs.  The jacket layer shirt has white cherries on a red fabric and includes a cute denim prim bow.  The best part about this set is the promo […]

Lemania Indigo 2 DOLLARBIES & 3 Specials

Lemania Indigo has alot of goodies out today. There’s 3 specials for 100L and 2 DOLLARBIES. First up is the DOLLARBIE in the Money Fever Game called Alphabet Song. This is a pretty dress that includes the shoes and a wig not shown. Every 50 dresses sold someone will win 50L. L.Fauna Lapine Pale 2 […]

Lemania Indigo, Summer Loon & Lestat Reuven Christmas Gifties! New Donna Flora, NEW Dark Mouse, NEW Truth Hair, FREE Vignette Hair, NEW L.Fauna Skin

Lemania Indigo sent out the Christmas Sparkle gown to the group on Christmas Eve and it’s lovely.  The hair is from Vignette called Cinder in Platinum Plus.  I recently had a inventory malfunction and deleted all my beautiful updo hairstyles, ugh… I’m slowly replacing my favorites.  Right now at Vignette every hairstyle is FREE! The Eccentrica Ruby Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet Set […]

L.Launa Skins – Snowflake Skin All Tones – 50L Friday 12-11

The L.Launa [Lapine] Snowflake Skin is a skin I picked up for 50L Friday and it’s a beautiful skin in all tones.  These skins have tintable lipstick (makeup slider) and tintable brows (hair color sliders).  To take full advantage of the customization abilities all you need do is follow the simple steps included in the folder with […]