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Valentine’s From Sascha’s Designs

Sascha Frangilli has three Velentine gowns in the shop that are beautifully constructed and cost only 75L each. Valentine 1 has a single shoulder strap that can be removed and a long flowing flexi skirt.  Valentine 2 has a stylish bolero jacket with a high collar and long semi-sheer flexi. Valentine 3 has a grande flexi […]

Curio’s Angel & Party Girl!

I’m wearing the cherubic face of Angel, one of the new skinlines from Curio! Angel has the palest of blonde complexions with 6 just barely there makeups.  This skin would make a beautiful child avatar.  She has strawberry colored, well-drawn eyebrows with pretty heart shaped lips and a pert little nose.  All the makeups have heavenly names like […]

Siss Boom 100L Special!

Siss Boom has a stunning new couture gown in the shop called Satin Candy. The dress is fashioned from layers of crinolin and satin with a corset top and sculpted wrap.  The crinolin sculpted skirt adds pizzazz and works really well with the satin flexi.  This gown is on sale in the shop for 100L for […]

Boudoir Rose You Group Gift!

Today is Boudoir’s 2nd anniversary, congratulations Vitabela Dubrovna! To celebrate this momentous occasion, Vita is giving everyone in the VIP Update Group a wonderful present.  Rose You is a  whimsical chiffon dress with flexi rose petals adorning the chest and showgirl skirt.  This stunning gift will only be available until 10-17.  At the moment, there is no fee to join the Boudoir […]

BellaDonna’s Rosalie!

I was shopping on Rodeo Drive here in sl when I came across a store called BellaDonna. What drew me to the shop were the intriguing photographs of formal gowns dotting the windows and walls.  I had to go in and check it out. What I found inside was a huge collection of formal gowns very reasonably priced… everything […]