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Omega Point… Dark and Mysterious Fantasy World

Omega Point is a fantasy world that’s mysterious and inviting. It’s best explored from the air rather than on foot in order to see it in all it’s grandeur. There’s so many fabulously designed structures. Around every corner was a surprise. The best way to explore Omega Point is by using the various teleporters or flying around in one of the aircraft provided.

Omega Point Dark Fantasy

Daxx and I had fun tooling around in the small hover craft. This is a beautiful and mystical place that begs to be explored. There’s cute poseballs scattered throughout the sim with really nice animations. This would be a great place to take fashion photoes. There’s even a couple of dead poses, your avatar laying in a pool of blood!

Omega Point Dark Fantasy

We eventually graduated to the larger craft which Daxx said was easy to manuever. It was fun flying over this beautiful build, and it turned out to be the perfect place to explore with my partner.

Omega Point Dark Fantasy 3

Black Mamba’s Kingdon

There’s alot to see and do at Black Mamba’s Kingdom. There’s 9 destinations to explore and it’s easy to get around using the teleporters strategically placed thoughout the sim. We visited the Cave first and discovered some bootlegging going on… a copper moonshine still! We sampled the liquor and got a bit tipsy.

Black Mamba's Kingdom Cave

Feeling intoxicated with the tranquility of our surroundings we teleported to the Danse high in the air. There we found dance balls and a couch to cuddle on. Black Mamba’s Kingdom is a serene fantasy world with so many surpises hidden around every corner.

Black Mamba's Kingdom Danse

We explored the sim from the air in the Flying Gondola. It was easy to manuever, relaxing and alot of fun. The scenery is exceptional, this is a beautiful build and a wonderful place to explore with a friend.

Black Mamba's Kingdom Flying Gondola

We ended our evening of exploration with a kiss good night in the Jungle Garden surrounded by a dense forest of trees and wildflowers. This was a very entertaining way to spend Sunday night in sl.

Black Mamba's Kingdom Jungle Garden

Exploring Planets Labyrinth on Hot Midsummers Night

The Hot Midsummers Night Sim has a labyrinth of planets connected with tunnels and teleport pads called the Universe.

Exploring Planets & Art Labyrinth

There’s numerous platforms to snuggle on with very entertaining poses.

Exploring Planets & Art Labyrinth

I’m doing a sky dance spinning through the universe.

Exploring Planets & Art Labyrinth

Aurora Borealis At Artic Greenhouse – Alternate Reality Island

Aurora Borealis at Artic Greenhouse - Alternate Reality Island

Alternate Reality Island

The Pillars of Hercules Sim

Pillars of Hercules 3

The Great Lighthouse in the Evening

Pillars of Hercules
Floating in the Lake of Hercules
Pillars of Hercules 2

Gazing out at the Sea of Gorgans, very romantic and beautiful...

Dark Darhma

10-25 E

Modeling shape gone too far!

10-25 D

Loading the Diswasher...

10-25 C

A ouija board... telling our future in sl.

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