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SAS 60L Weekend!

Sascha Frangilli has two charming cocktail dresses in her shop for 60L Weekend.  Subtlety is a stylish mesh dress fashioned in a dramatic two-tone fabric featuring a clutchbag and couture hat to match.  The beige polka-dot Miss Sixty has a flirty, twirl-ready cocktail skirt and is also being offered for 60L.  Both elegant looks are available for a couple more days, don’t miss them! Pink Fuel Alena in Honey […]

NEW Truth Hair!

TRUTH has 4 NEW hairstyles in the shop, 3 of them are rigged mesh!  The first mesh style I want to showcase is called ADELAIDE. This extra long hairdo has bangs fringing the forehead with the long thick tresses pulled over the left shoulder and cascading down the back. BELLA is another extra long hairstyle with a forelock framing the face.  The rest of […]

NEW Sascha’s Designs!

Cassie is a new gown from Sascha’s Designs that features a shimmering layer of light reflecting sequins. This halter-style gown is tied in a bow at the nape of the neck leaving your back completely bare. The dress is also decorated with 2 flowers in contrasting metallic colors that adds a touch of playfulness to your […]

NEW Truth Hair!

TRUTH has given a new gift to the subscribo group.  Click on the sign as you enter the store and join the group, you need this cute hairdo! Jessie is a rigged mesh design with a long ponytail draping over the right shoulder, the rest of the hair is pulled behind the left ear.  This […]