Monthly Archives: February 2011


The Ashley Dress is a new release at Absolution for Lazy Sunday. The dress comes in either white or black and costs $L75.  Did I mention it’s adorable too?   NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Sweetheart Deeply Madly 2 w/Ginger Brows & Linc Cleavage Enhancer Truth Hair Jolie in Carrot LaGyo Simple Circle Earrings & […]

NEW CandyDoll Corset Dresses!

CandyDoll has a cute little dress in the shop that has corset laces in the back and is extremely sexy! Some of the dresses are bare through the laces and others like my favorite, the red British Dress, has a whitestripe and red star peeking through. These adorable dresses cost $L210 each and come in […]

Skin Fair Demos – HELP ME PICK A SKIN!

I finally got into the Vanity Universe Skin Fair and managed to pick up about a dozen demos before the lag wore me out. I’m having a hard time choosing which skin I like the most since they’re all fabulous. I’ve put myself on a budget of no more than 3… ok maybe 4 skins.  […]

NEW Siss Boom Specials!

The Denim Gauze reminds me that spring is just around the corner. This is a casual look with a zippered front and sculpted skirt. The Dirty Ballerina includes the cute choker, ruffled skirt and matching ruffled cuffs.  Both outfits are the $L100 specials at Siss Boom. NEW PXL Creations Linda Gen3 Sunkissed Cherry Lips LEB P NEW [e] […]

Hanaya Tulips!

I don’t often show household items, but the Hanaya Tulips are so beautiful I needed to show them. They look so real!  The flowers come in a glass jar and include the table for display.

NEW Mimikri!

The Minou Lurex is a new mini dress at Mimikri that has a glittery striped texture and comes in seven dazzling colors. The folder contains all layers, two different size sculpted skirts, and a tie on the chest. I really like the cute tee and panties under the skirt. NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Yum2 […]

NEW Entre Mares!

Entre Mares has two new formal gowns in the shop that are very charming. The Edna in blue has a skirt open in front to show lots of leg and thigh. The Nikita is a pure white gown with a white cape and long gloves. Mynerva Fudge Pure Envy Blonde Brows Truth Hair Jacinta in […]