Monthly Archives: September 2009

Lemania Indigo – Dollarbies

LEMANIA INDIGO Muted Art Every day Lemania Indigo retires one outfit and offers it for 1L in the gift section of her shop for 24 hours. After the 24 hour period is up the outfit is moved to the dressing room where it stays for the next 7 days before it’s retired forever. Muted Art […]

Lestat Reuven Newness

LESTAT REUVEN Season Grunge The babydoll shirt on this outfit is so cute. This is a new release from Lestat Reuven called Season Grunge and it’s adorable. The babydoll fringe hides the fabulous detail on the stone washed jeans. The tie loops on the shirt are carried through to the pants and the stitching at […]

Lestat Reuven – Newness

LESTAT REUVEN Sultry The name of this dress is very appropriate since it’s quite sexy. Sultry is a new design from Lestat Reuven. Once again Lestat has hit the mark and designed a gorgeous dress that I know I’ll wear often. The texture is light green with khaki dots throughout the skirts. I really like […]

Lemania Indigo Newness

LEMANIA INDIGO Kate Bosworth Ethnic This outfit is designed from a real life picture of Kate Bosworth. The texture is a unique combination of colors, black, pink, red, green and some faint touches of orange. Kate Bosworth Ethnic is a new release from Lemania Indigo. The folder includes the black boots, tights and matching bangle. […]

Lestat Reuven – New Stuff

LESTAT REUVEN Cognac The color of this gown is a wonderfulshade of pale green. Cognac is a new release from Lestat Reuven and stunning on my avatar. The long flexi skirt is lovely, it’s layer upon layer of chiffon with a pretty flower embossed along the hemline. The gown has a top skirt worn over […]

Lemania Indigo – New Stuff

Lemania Indigo Dollarbie  – Monochrome Mind Monochrome Mind is the retiring outfit of the day at Lemania Indigo designed by Summer Loon. This is a pretty gray and black gown with a system skirt, flexi skirt and short ruffle at the waist. You can find this gown in the gift section today for 1L. Tomorrow […]

Lemania Indigo – Newness

LEMANIA INDIGO Peachy Keen – Group Gift – Dollarbie Peachy Keen is the group gift from Lemania Indigo Designs. The dress comes with a sweater, turtleneck and prim sleeves, but looks very sexy without it.  The 1/2 moon gold ornaments at the neck, waist an on the back are very pretty. The pink pumps with […]

Lestat Reuven

GOOD TO BE QUEEN This lovely gown is perfect for any rp of a medieval nature in sl. I feel very royal wearing it. The colors are a deep shade of red with brown trim. Good To Be Queen is a new release from Lestat Reuven. The dress has puff sleeves and ruffles at the […]