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NEW GaNKeD Clothing & Jewelry Sets!

The Ashes costume designed by Misti Merryman owner of GaNKeD Jewelry, reminds me of something worn by a Mayan Princess to celebrate the summer sultice.  The outfit consists of 12 prim pieces:  hat, belt, 2 fans, 2 necklaces (plain & with large gem), flexi skirt, 2 bracelets, earrings and belly jewel.  This is a stunning ensemble, […]

60L Sunday 2-7

I started my 60L shopping early this week and found some fabulous bargains.  There are many wonderful items being offered this week and once again it was hard to choose.  Here’s a small sample of what’s being offered this week.  Hope you like this look at my stlye in second life 🙂 The Spoilt Rotten […]

New Lemania Indigo, Amrita Hair, Virtual Impressions Jewelry, Belleza Skin

Ode To Joy This pretty gown with the floral texture is a new design from Lemania Indigo. The bodice is cut very low, perfect for those cleavage enhancing skins. Ode To Joy is on sale, 100L for 24 hours. The updo is from Amrita (no landmark available) Sedna in Marron Brown. The Danielle Gem Set White […]

Lemania Indigo – Plum

Plum is a new release today, designed by Lemania Indigo. It’s a beautifully designed outfit, I especially like to fur stole around the shoulders. This is a victorian style gown with a bustle. The texture is a very pretty shade of plum. Plum is one of the specials of the day at Lemania & Lestat’s. […]