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NEW Paris Metro!

The Dotted Amour is a new gown from Paris Metro Couture that shows off those cleavaged skins so attractively.  The dress has a flattering silhouette with a flowing semi-sheer chiffon skirt embellished with a beautiful sculpted sash and fingerless chiffon gloves.  The dress is currently available in the main store for 300L, don’t miss it! NEW […]

NEW Gwen Carillon & Curio’s Angel Skin!

Nyx is an exotic new gown from GCD. In Greek Mythology, the Nyx was a night goddess of exceptional power and beauty. The Nyx gown drapes you with primordial starlight in an eerie, yet whimsical palate of mystical color. The dress has elaborate flexi skirts of taffeta and chiffon with a matching removable stole, a system […]

NEW BeBe Doll!

BeBe Doll has two adorable dresses new in the shop. The Beach Dress comes in 6 vibrant geometric prints and features a sculpted balloon skirt with elegant ruching at the strapless bodice.  There’s 3 specially recolored versions of the Beach Dress for $L60 each available in the shop, but hurry the SBS Sale ends at midnight tonight.  There’s also 2 special colors available to […]

My Precious Agnes Finney!

My Precious Agnes Finney has released a new hat in the shop that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any look. The Ahren is a couture hat fashioned in silky Chantilly lace with an oversized brim and a very unique presentation.  The Ahren is a lovely accessory with the Silence2 strapless cocktail dress.  The silhouette […]