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NEW Curio Stormy!

I’m wearing Stormy, the stunning new face soon to be released at Curio! Like all Curio skins, the Stormy collection comes in 5 skintones with 2 versions of 6 makeups.  The names are adorable and remind me of a summer thunder and lightning storm… Electrify, Mist, Puddle, Tempest and Thunder.  The makeups are a nice […]

Curio’s Pout2!

I’m wearing the new Pout2 from Curio! Pout2 has such a sexy mouth cause she’s doing just that… pouting. She looks like the kinda girl who always gets her way.  The featured makeups for Pout2 are exquisite looks, with several crimson lipsticks, my favorite, and beautifully shaded eye colors.  I especially like the blue on […]

Curio’s Sexy New Lustre Skin!

I’m wearing Lustre the newest face from Curio! In my opinion, this skin has a more sophisticated look than other Curio releases.  The Lustre collection comes in five skintones with six unique makeups, two versions each:  Glamour Puss, Luxe, Patina, Posey, Pure and Shimmer.  The delicate eyebrow is a medium brown shade and illustrated extremely well with emphasis on the individual […]

AMD’s Ava Skin!

I’m wearing Ava the sweet new face from AMD! Ava comes in seven skintones: Camel, Dark, DeepTan, Gothly, Pale, Peach and Tan.  Each skintone has two makeup packs:  Doll Like or Lustrous with four makeups each.  I had never worn an AMD skin before and was very pleased when I tried it on, it complemented my shape nicely.  […]

Heartsick Teaser Spirit Skins FREE!

Amesha Jewell of HEARTSICK is working on a new skinline called Spirit which will be released in a few weeks. Until then, she’s left two teaser skins along with two shapes in the shop for FREE!  The teaser comes in Reverie and Cassis skintones and includes all cleavage, freckle and birthmark options, as well as a platinum […]

Jolie Version2!

I’m wearing Jolie, the new and improved face from Dutch Touch! The original release of Jolie last year was one of my all time favorite skins. I was intrigued when I heard that the updated skin had a nose job, sleek new body and tatoo lipsticks. I fell in love with this face all over again […]

NEW Redgrave Jessica Skin

I’m a huge fan of the ginger and wanted Jessica, the beautiful new redhead from Redgrave, as soon as I saw her picture. Jessica comes with 12 expressive makeups with both red and blonde eyebrows.  The eyeshadows are brilliant and shaded to perfection.  I love all the colors!  The Redgrave trademark lips are lush and inviting with a nice variety of lipsticks.  The brows have a very delicate and natural look, especially the […]