Monthly Archives: December 2010

Curio Group Open To Join FREE – Ice Queen In Notices!

When I originally posted this picture, there was alot of grumbling about the group being closed. The group is now open again.. Thank you Gala! In the notices you’ll find the Holiday Edition of the Ice Queen. This is a beautiful skin, don’t miss it! Copy & paste the highlighted portion of this line into local […]

NEW Truth Hair!

Truth has three fabulous new hairs in the shop that all have color change barrettes scripted with 17 colors and include an OFF option. I’m a big fan of the split attachment points you get with the longer Truth styles which keeps the hair from sinking into your chest when you’re moving. Other designer long hair doesnt […]

Natural Beauty’s Olga!

I’m wearing the lovely new face from Natural Beauty called Olga! As you probably already know, TIK TOK’s Miah McAuley has rebranded her store to NATURAL BEAUTY. To go along with the new name, she’s created a new skinline. Olga has the wholesome good looks of the girl next door combined with the body of a […]

NEW Baby Monkey Shoes!

Baby Monkey has a bunch of new shoe releases in the shop.  Here are three pair that I’m absolutely crazy about. The red Ultimate Madden Pumps are very affordable at $L100 a pair or $L800 for the fatpack of 12 colors.  They come with toe rings, scripted to match your skin color and toe nail polishes.  […]

Hudson’s New Years FREEBIES… Plus DK Designs Fifty5 Thursday!

I put my New Years Eve outfit together and thought I’d share. Hudson’s Clothing Co has a really nice New Years FREEBIE in the shop that consists of a Top Hat scripted with fireworks, a Collar/Bow Tie combo, Cuffs scripted with spirals & a Hand Held Sparkler. The New Year gifts look fabulous with the […]

My Precious Agnes Finney!

The Romantic Butterfly Dress is one of the items released to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of My Precious Agnes Finney in sl. The dress has a strapless bodice and a beautifully designed skirt embelished with numerous red butterflies.  I loved this dress as soon as I saw a picture.  The other item I’m showing here is […]

Siss Boom Specials!

Siss Boom has two new designs in the courtyard discounted to $L100 for 24 hours. First up is Winter Green Thumb. This pant set is adorable and comes with a sweater and a purple shirt for layering. You also get a scarf with a flower at the neck and jeans that have a ton of detail at the pockets, seams […]

Mashooka DOLLARBIE & Newness!

The Holi Dresses are a Christmas gift from MASHOOKA for 1L each.  They can be found at the entrance to the main store.  The dresses have a ton of detail on the textures and come in several pretty colors. The Mashooka Lakshmi Gold & Peach Jewels give the dress a polished and put together look. The MASHOOKA Deewangee Wedding Gown is […]