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Skin Fair Demos – HELP ME PICK A SKIN!

I finally got into the Vanity Universe Skin Fair and managed to pick up about a dozen demos before the lag wore me out. I’m having a hard time choosing which skin I like the most since they’re all fabulous. I’ve put myself on a budget of no more than 3… ok maybe 4 skins.  […]

More Curio At The Skin Fair – Yum2!

Yum2 is the other new skin from Curio at the Vanity Universe Skin Fair! When Yum was originally released, it elicited some strong responses from people, they either loved or hated it.  I loved it and think this new collection is even better.  Yum2 has high cheek bones, a slightly wider nose and plump luscious lips.  The dark red and grape lipsticks […]

Vanity Universe Skin Expo – NEW Curio Pout!

I’m wearing POUT, the enchanting new face from Curio available at the Vanity Universe Skin Fair. The skin fair opens today and I’m so excited about the new skins from Curio. First, I want to show Pout which is a brand new face that’s absolutely stunning. She comes in 5 skintones and six cute makeups with […]

PXL’s Linda!

I’m wearing the fresh new face from PXL Creations called Linda! Hart Larsson has outdone himself with the release of the first 4 skintones:  Natural, Sunkissed, LightTan and Tan.  The last 2 tones, Pale and Dark, will be released at the Skin Fair on 2-20.  Linda comes with so many options my head is spinning.  There’s 15 Lipsticks, 15 Tatoo Eye Makeups, 3 Eyebrow […]