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Al Vulo’s Julia!

I’m crazy about Julia, the newest face from Al Vulo. I liked the FREE Julia skin that I blogged yesterday so much, that I returned today and purchased the fatpack. For $L2800 you get 6 makeups and 12 tattoo lipsticks that are stunning! The folder contains all 3 eyebrow colors and 5 non-modifiable shapes with a pair […]

IrEn Molly & Suri @ Skin Addiction Showcase!

Molly and Suri are two new skins from IrEn available at the Skin Addiction Showcase.  Both have a very youthful appearance and remind me of the girl next door.  Molly and Suri come in 6 skintones: ebony,  fair, light, pale, sunburned and tan, with 7 tattoo lipsticks each. The bodies are drawn expertly with nice shading at the her […]

Baiastice @ Skin Addiction Showcase!

I’m wearing Kate the new face of BAIASTICE available at the Skin Addiction Showcase! The Kate collection features 4 skintones: peach, pearl, porcelain, and tan. Each skintone comes with 4 eyebrows: blonde, black, brown, and red with matching hairbases for each and 11 tattoo makeups. This face has a finely drawn eyebrow, a perky nose, well-defined high cheekbones and a plump heart-shaped mouth. […]

NEW Filthy Mia Skin!

I’m wearing Mia the newest face from Alexandra Barcelos of FILTHY Skins. The Mia collection features 4 skintones: cream, ivory, tan and deeptan. Each skintone has 8 colorful makeups that are perfect for spring and summer. I especially like the smokey eyes on makeup 8, the color of the lips and eyes on makeup 3 and the red lips on […]

CandyDoll’s Michelle!

I’m wearing Michelle, the stunning new face from CandyDoll! Michelle is drawn expertly with a refined eyebrow in 3 colors, a pert nose, rosy high cheekbones, a tiny smattering of freckles across the bridge of the nose (you have to look closely), and a luscious mouth.  I really like the 3 eyebrow colors that I’ve shown in cream skintone with […]

American Woman!

The Unique Megastore has added a new country to their Ethnic Series of Skins called the American Couple. This new country features a male and female skin representing, where else, but America.  Below is a look at the American Woman and I think she’s stunning! The American Woman Collection is flawless! The fatpack contains 12 makeups with 4 skins each: normal or […]

Curio’s Sprout!

I’m wearing the delicious new skin release from Curio called Sprout! Sprout has the palest of blonde complexions with 6 just barely there makeups.  She has a well-drawn eyebrow with pretty heart-shaped lips and a pert little nose.  All the makeups have springtime names like peapod and dewdrop.  Sprout has the innocent sweet looks of a child avatar. Sprout has the typical sexy Curio body […]

Curio’s MardiGras!

I’m wearing the new MardiGras skinline from CURIO! MardiGras has a finely detailed collection of 6 makeups with 2 variations each.  She has a dark brown realistically drawn eyebrows, almond-shaped eyes, a pert little nose and luscious plump lips.  The eye shadow and lipstick combinations on Revel and Rex are so lovely.  I especially like the drawn-on masks of Masquerade 1&2… […]