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JeSyLiLO Gori!

I’m wearing Gori, the newest skin release from JeSyLiLO! Gori comes in 3 skintones:  Dark, Light & Tan.  Each skintone features 6 makeups with either a normal or cleavaged version. The Gori demo is free,  a single pack costs 500L ($2.01) and the fatpack of all makeups costs 2500L ($10.05).

JeSyLiLO @ Grunge Soul Project!

This is a cute and very affordable skin from JeSyLiLO for $L90! She will be available at the Grunge Soul Project for another 3 weeks, don’t miss her 🙂 Hudson’s Glossy Ghostly Grey Eyes

Siss Boom Specials & NEW JeSyLiLO Lollipop!

Siss Boom has two new specials today for 100L each. The Bitter Gold has a combination flexi & sculpted skirt embellished with a rose on the chest and a fancy hat with netting. The other special is White Cloud which is a short sexy mini. The Lilacs gown is so beautiful, it has a wonderful […]

Siss Boom Specials… Plus NEW JeSiLiLO Yummy Skin!

The Green & Bahama Afternoon Rompers are each the $L100 specials of the day for 24 hours at Siss Boom! This is a strapless slip dress accented with a prim scarf tied around the waist. The other 6 spring colors are at the regular price of $L299.  I’m really impressed with the new Yummy skin […]

NEW JeSyLiLO Josie Skin!

I had never heard of JeSyLiLO Skins till Lilo Glom dropped her newest skin Josie on me.  Josie comes in 4 tones: light, tan, burn and dark. Each single skin pack contains 2 skins, with or without cleavage. I like this option of getting a cleavaged skin on a separate skin. This is a pretty […]