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My Precious Agnes Finney VIP Group Discounted Dresses!

My Precious Agnes Finney has 2 gowns discounted for VIP Group members.   The 3rd Anniversary 1 gown has a sparkly lavender texture.  The outfit includes the fur collar and delicate wings.  This gown costs $L10.  The other discounted dress is the My Precious Queen Anniversary gown which comes in a black and white fabric and includes a […]

Lestat Reuven Specials!

Lestat Reuven has a NEW 100L Special in the shop today called Siss Boom The Blues.  This is a very cute dress with a sculpty skirt and a mini skirt.  The folder contains a a tulip for your mouth, the jacket, bra, stockings, prim collar and cuffs. The next two dresses are the specials from yesterday. The Siss […]

Lemania Indigo Specials

Lemonaid Evening is the Group Gift DOLLARBIE at Lemania Indigo Designs that can be found in the gift section of the shop. You must wear your SL Diva’s tag to purchase.  This is a pretty gown in a shimmering golden texture that includes sexy panties, stockings, shoes and a choker. NEW ROMI Skins RJ1 Skintone […]

Lemania Indigo NEWNESS & 10L Dress

Lemania Indigo has 3 NEW outfits on sale, 100L for 24 hours only. There’s also a 10L dress in the Money Fever Game. Woman Is Caring has a sparkly texture with a black fur shoulder wrap and matching heels. FREE Vignette Gibson Hair in Onyx Homespun Purple Punch Eyes Redgrave Elemental Eyelashes 16 NEW Dryad […]

NEW Lestat Reuven & NEW Mashooka Pre-Release Samara Skin

Lestat Reuven has 2 NEW gowns on sale, 100L for the first 24 hours. Both designs are striking examples of Lestat’s creativity. Stirling has a very pretty white and gray texture with a high collar. The trim glimmers at the bodice and hemline, this is a stunning dress! Lamb Witch Hair Kit Kat Pen’s Gems Silver […]

MORE 60L Sunday! 1-17

This post will wrap up my shopping spree for 60L Sunday.  I always enjoy these shopping sprees, but the best part for me, is taking my loot home and styling the different outfits for my pictures.  There were so many stores participating this week I never even made it to the end of the list.  I’m going […]

50L Weekend from Champagne, Abstract Reality, CLINIC and KIWI

Every weekend the participating stores will have a common color theme for one or more 50L items, which can be new or marked down items from all the collections in the shops.  This weekend the color theme is CYAN.  Many of the stores had both male and female offerings, especially KIWI… this shop had an entire wall of things […]