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NEW Styligion Jeans & Tanks!

I’m a huge fan of Styligion jean designs. The textures and cut are spot on, the pant cuffs always fit impeccably. The Erin Jeans in light and dark plus the Stamp Tanks in blue and purple are casual pieces that are new in the shop and work well together. NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Pout […]

MIAO Dresses & Thermal Shirts!

MIAO has a couple of new releases in the shop.  The Elusyve is a stylish cocktail dress that has a balloon babydoll skirt adorned with a jewel in front.  The Miles Thermal Shirts are unisex and come with prim parts that you can manually adjust to fit either a guy or girl.   LAQ Tess2 Peach […]

Casual Saturday With BOOM & Baby Monkey!

I’m ready for an afternoon of hanging out with my pals and Christmas shopping at the mall.  The Righteous Muff is new from BOOM and comes in 35 vivid colors, I’m wearing the Sepia.  The folder contains 2 scarves, mirror images of each other and a cold breath attachment.  The fringed Surrey Boots in Chocolate are new from […]

NEW Orion Sweaters & Styligion Inc Leena Jeans!

The NEW Orion Sweaters are unisex! All the prim parts are scripted for size so they can be fitted to either a large guy or a petite gal. The folder contains a v-neck sweater in all layers with sleeves rolled either up or down. I like the cowl neck the best! The sweaters cost $L75 each […]