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G&N Mesh Summer Dress Gift & NEW Filthy Skin!

G&N Quality Design has a cute summer ensemble in the shop for FREE! The Summer Mesh Dress includes the big floppy hat decorated with a red rose and pink canvas shoes.  Thank you Nikki Heron for the lovely gift! I’m wearing the new skin release from Alexandra Barcelos of Filthy Skins. This pretty face comes […]

NEW Mimikri!

Marnie is a new mesh shift dress with a block color design that’s new at Mimikri. The dress is decorated with a jewel encrusted chest panel and matching belt slung low on the hips. Marnie comes in 7 unique color combinations and looks fabulous on! NEW Dekade Adora Sunkissed DB Makeup 5 Truth Hair Gianna in […]

Paris Metro GIFT!

Sea Star is a GIFT from Paris Metro Couture that you NEED! This gorgeously crafted evening gown has a midnight blue fabric embossed with a sea-foam floral print.  The dress has a chiffon flexi ruffle adorning the strapless top complemented by a semi-sheer flexi skirt.  All you have to do is TP to the Paris Metro Santini Island, touch the kiosk […]

NEW Sascha’s Designs!

Sascha Frangilli has a new gown in the shop called Natash that comes in 4 vivid colors.  The dress has a strapless chiffon bodice encrusted with tiny light-reflecting rhinestones and features 5 taffeta skirts that vary in shape and size.  You get a fabulous big sucker skirt, a super floucy fluffer skirt, a grande flexi, a […]

Favole’s Tales From The Dark Side!

Lucretia is a frightening ensemble created by Themis Enzo of Favole. The costume consists of beautifully crafted pieces, when worn together exhibit a stylish yet menacing appearance. The dress has a long overskirt open in front to reveal the corset embellished with chest ruffles and long flowing flexi sleeves. The Wrath Black Wings attach at […]

NEW My Precious Agnes Finney

The Lisa Couture Evening Gown is new from My Precious Agnes Finney and features black Chantilly lace embracing the waist and fashioning the long gloves.  Several flouncy layers of tulle trimmed in matching black lace make up the opulent taffeta skirts.   This gown drew lots of admiring glances during my photo shoot in the Enchanted Forest.  I received numerous […]

NEW Sascha’s Designs!

Sascha Frangilli has created an elegant evening gown that features a modifiable system skirt and glitch pants so you can wear it as a cocktail dress too.  The Helios is specially priced at 99L!   NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Dainty Sachet2 w/Tatto Cleavage Option 1 NEW Shag Falling Slowly in Dark Blonde NEW Poetic Colors Moon Lavender Eyes Donna […]

Hudson’s Clothing Co Newness & Group Gifts!

Hudson’s Clothing Co has two new releases in the shop and two fabulous Halloween Gifts!  First up is the new stuff…   The feminine Floral Ruffled Peasant Dress comes complete with the dress top, adjustable glitch pants, sculpted chest ruffles, bow tie, flexi blouse bottom, 2 part sculpted sleeves and a belted flexi skirt.  This highly detailed dress mixes well […]